Results of the Natural World Publishing’s art competition: ‘Make art about Irish endangered animal species’.

NOVEMBER 14, 2021

Thank you so much to all the children who participated in Natural World Publishing’s art competition ‘Make art about Irish endangered animal species’.

We have received 56 entries and most of them were eligible.
The most popular age category was 5-8 which received 28 entries.
The least popular was 13-15 with only 4 entries.

It wasn’t easy to judge the artwork as there were so many great pieces, but, after long deliberation, we’ve decided to pick the following children as the winners in their age categories:


>> Category 5-8 (28 entries)

1st prize: Luke Ross, age 8, Barn owl
2nd prize: Iman Zerboni, age 7, White skate
3rd prize: Mercy Wittmer, age 6, Red Kite

Natural World Publishing – art competition 2021 results, 5-8 yo.

>> Category 9-12 (17 entries)

1st prize: Paul Byrne, age 9, Beluga whale
2nd prize: Lissi, age 11, Atlantic puffin
3rd prize: Sarah Wittmer, age 12, Dartford warbler


>> Category 13-15 (4 entries)

1st prize: Benjamin Wittmer, age 15, Common Guitarfish (he wrote and performed a song!)
2nd prize: Jubilee Wittmer, age 13, Wall brown
3rd prize: Willow Dunlea, age 14, Great yellow bumblebee


>> Category 16-18 (7 entries)

1st prize: Amy Forde, age 16, Barn owl
2nd prize: Yajing Hu, age 16, Barn owl
3rd prize: Conor Knox, aged 17, Atlantic puffin


As you can see, we have three children from the same family being awarded – what a creative bunch!

The prizes (you can see the list here) will be posted at the end of the next week.

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