World Wildlife Day

Happy #WorldWildlifeDay! Let’s take a moment to appreciate the amazing diversity of life on our planet and recognise the urgent need to protect it. From the smallest insect to the largest mammal, every species plays a vital role in maintaining the health of our ecosystems. Let’s commit to taking action to ensure a sustainable future […]

Results of the Natural World Publishing’s art competition: ‘Make art about Irish endangered animal species’.

NOVEMBER 14, 2021 Thank you so much to all the children who participated in Natural World Publishing’s art competition ‘Make art about Irish endangered animal species’. We have received 56 entries and most of them were eligible. The most popular age category was 5-8 which received 28 entries. The least popular was 13-15 with only 4 […]

‘Make art about Irish endangered animal species’ – art competition for children age 5 – 18.

OcCTOBER 23, 2021   This mid-term break, Natural World Publishing, the newest publisher in Ireland, is running an art competition for children – ‘Make art about Irish endangered animal species’.  Pick an endangered Irish animal of your choice, or take inspiration from Aga Grandowicz’s ‘Remarkable Creatures: a guide to some of Ireland’s disappearing animals’ (#RemarkableCreaturesBook) published by Natural […]